Sawpit Private Label Foods
pAt Sawpit Mercantile, we make our own sauces and rubs.  Our mainstay is the Tomato Bourbon BBQ Sauce that takes a traditional red, tomato-based sauce one step further with the addition of the tang of Kentucky Bourbon.  Our mustard-based sauce is a traditional Carolina sauce tweeked to provide a great, sweet-hot finish.  Our Butt Rub combines paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder, and other spices to “give your butt a little kick”.  All three are available for purchase on this site.

Note: Prices INCLUDE Shipping

We also carry a line of Sawit Mercantile jams, jellies, salsas, salad dressings, and cooking sauces that are produced especially for the store and available only through the store.  Please call us at 970-928-9898 to inquire as to availability – all can be shipped directly to your door.

Jams & Butters
Apple Butter
Peach Butter
Strawberry Jam
Cherry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Rhubarb Jam
Blueberry Jam
Peach Jam
Tropical Dipping Sauce
Blackberry Chipotle Sauce
Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Fiery Herb Wing Sauce
Salad Dressings
Garden Ranch
Strawberry Poppyseed
Bacon Ranch
Vidalia Onion Sweet & Sour
Vidalia Onion & Cucumber Dill
Black Bean Salsa
Bacon Salsa
Peach Salsa
Fire Roasted Salsa
Jalapeno Honey Mustard
Bacon Ketchup
Jalapeno Ketchup
Barbecue Sauces & Glazes
Sweet Bourbon Glaze
Kickin’ Vinegar BBQ Sauce
Apple Hickory BBQ Sauce
Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce
Honey BBQ Sauce
Sweet Carolina BBQ Sauce
Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce